STRIPE Consulting

I specialise in how to do good work quickly, and how to cope in front-line social work practice. I train social workers in the same techniques that I use in practice. I have worked as an expert assessor for care proceedings, mentor and trainer in a Local Authority, and a visiting lecturer at universities. I have spent over a decade doing direct work with children and families. Click to read my philosophy and influences.

I do assessments and reports for Local Authorities and courts. I work intensively, producing work in a short timeframe. I believe children and their families shouldn't be kept waiting longer than necessary to know what their future will involve. I have helped Local Authorities avoid non-compliance and cost orders on complex cases where there has been drift. My reports have also been anonymised and used as internal training for social workers in front-line and fostering teams.

I provide training and lectures to universities and to Local Authorities on a wide range of topics. For Local Authorities, I provide a theoretical perspective to improve the quality of social work practice. For universities, I provide an up-to-date practice 'grounding' for students, helping universities link their teaching to practice settings.

I provide consulting services to a national regulator (on the theme of assessment) to a large software company (whom I am helping to design a more user-friendly social care data system), and to Local Authorities. I have helped identify how systems can be improved to create cost savings for clients and time savings for social workers.