Consulting and Mentoring


I specialise in pieces of consultancy where the sought-after outcome is to improve the way in which social workers are able to work with children. My consulting is often done in tandem with direct work with individual workers or groups of workers.

I identify specific, quantifiable solutions to organisational challenges. I recommend ways in which a system can work better to bring out the best from individuals. In an industry preoccupied with 'metrics' and 'performance indicators', I've shown senior managers how to make better use of data to get a better sense of how a team is functioning, bringing out themes that were missed by the performance indicators. Consequently I was able to target mentoring in specific areas of practice for specific workers.

I have advised a national regulatory body, a large corporation and a Local Authority as a consultant. I specialise in problem-solving with a purposive, systemic methodology. I identified improvements to a data system that could create significant cost savings for each customer, simply by reducing duplication and saving social workers' time.

I bring a wide range of professional skills to my analysis: as well as social work, I have experience and training in the law, military, school governing, local and national politics, and as a doctoral student, and have both learned and applied my analytical skills in all these fields.


I have worked one-to-one and in small groups with social workers, to improve their skills and coping strategies, and aim to achieve:

  • Lower turnover
  • Increased productivity
  • A supportive, learning culture in an organisation.

The groups or individuals I work with might be:

  • Students
  • ASYE (newly-qualified) social workers
  • Social workers from overseas
  • Social workers who are struggling for other reasons and may be facing performance procedures

Where a service wants me to help improve the skills of whole teams or departments, my training and lecturing (offered to large groups or in team meetings) may be more appropriate.

In each case my mentoring is tailored to their strengths and difficulties.

I will provide written feedback for mentoring sessions, given to the social worker and their line manager (or other key individuals if requested).