Practise Education For Local Authorities

I offer a practice-based set of training courses in the theoretical and practical sides of being a social worker. I bring my current practice experience into my training, and help universities prepare their students for practice and Local Authorities improve their workers' professional development.

I have created sessions that last 2-3 hours, and which can be combined on request. However, they can be tailored to fit into shorter timeframes (for example, I could create a 'light' version of each session to present at a team meeting for 45 minutes) or fleshed-out with exercises and examples into whole-day sessions.

My current list of available lectures/seminars is as follows (I can add more on request with a couple of weeks' notice):

My most in-demand course: a rounded view of how to start working with a family and getting up to speed on a case quickly. Looking at what chronologies are, what they're not, and how they can transform how people work with families. A very efficient and effective model of work that helps social workers improve their relationships with families and identify key issues more directly.

This course will...give practitioners and students a 'getting up and running' toolkit: how to prepare effectively and comprehensively for work with children and families; and how to produce chronologies that act as an assessment tool and document for court.

A session on how to write analytically, not just descriptively, and how to get a meaningful understanding of the case. Relevant to court and other statutory reports.

This course will...equip practitioners to write better reports, ask the right questions and produce a chain of reasoning.

Writing reports (often combined with Analysis training)

Writing skills; how to write in plain English for court and other statutory reports, in a way that makes sense for families, judges and professionals alike.

This course practitioners and students improve their writing style, and produce more concise, relevant reports, in and out of court.

Domestic Violence
Covering a number of safeguarding issues raised by DV, including a lot of research references to use in reports. Focussing particularly on the impact on the under-5s.

This course will...give social workers and students an improved insight into the impacts of violence on children, and encourage the use of research data in reports.

A guide to the PCS model and the impact of unacknowledged prejudice, among professionals and families. A particular emphasis on the overlooked area of class prejudice among professionals.

This course will...enhance existing anti-discriminatory programmes by teaching social workers to challenge their own prejudices, rather than just other people's, and provide practice examples of day-to-day discrimination.

Workload management / Survival Skills in social work
The nuts and bolts: how to physically get the work done in a busy social work team. Invaluable practical advice based on a decade in the profession. An all-round session on how to get the most out of your time and get good work done.

This course will...give new social workers the toolkit to get the job done, to organise their workload and work efficiently, not by sacrificing the interests of children and families but by placing them at the heart of practice.

The new Public Law Outline
The process, the aims, and the implications of the new public law outline, rolled out in 2014. 'Where the battle will be won' in concluding meaningful care proceedings within 26 weeks (or less). Looking at how practice in all cases, in pre-proceedings cases, and in court cases can make a difference to achieving the new PLO goals.

This course will...put practitioners more at ease in preparing for court work and producing evidence for court cases; improving the quality of work done and reducing delay in proceedings.

Relationships / Transactional Analysis
Covering Berne's theories and what they mean in practice, for your relationships with professionals and with service users. Also an introduction to Crittenden's dynamical-maturational model of attachment.

This course will...give practitioners and students models of working with families and how to analyse dynamics between children, parents and professionals.

Proficiency / Ethics
An introduction to professional development and the ethical and practical issues raised by being a social worker. Overview of the PCF domains and life as a newly-qualified social worker

This course will...give attendees an appreciation of the various expectations of social workers as professionals, and of the HCPC and CSW frameworks.

Court Work
A guide to doing work in the family courts: how to prepare; and how to cope on the stand. Includes role-plays for both adults and children's cross-examination.

This course will...give attendees confidence, knowledge and skills to manage their first court case, or to explore ways to improve their court practice.