What people say about my work:

About my practice:

'... played a significant role in bringing the front-door service from 'inadequate' to 'adequate' earlier than expected, and is currently playing a key part in the continued improvement journey of the service.

He has an exceptional analytical eye for how an organisation works (or doesn't work...) and identified accurately and specifically what the service's main areas for development were. He created a new role tailor-made for the organisation's needs which has proved highly effective.

He has followed through with the implementation phase of his recommendations, helping the Authority meet new national guidelines around care proceedings, and directly improving the efficiency and quality of the front-door service.

He has added substantial value to the service and represents an excellent return on our investment. His training sessions, individual mentoring, project work and analytical insights are of the highest standard, and his work rate is second to none.

He also adds intangible benefits to a team: he has been a crucial driver in turning around a very negative, defeated service into one that functions more positively and proactively. His energy, efficiency, and positive attitude are infectious.

We would recommend him to any other Local Authority department (or similar organisation) without hesitation and look forward to working with him in the future.'
- JM, Head of Service, London Borough of Sutton

About my training:

"Enormous thanks for your very well received and well attended workshop on chronologies. You really hit the mark and colleagues appreciated your style and the thought provoking content of the session. There was a buzz in the office afterwards!"

- DW, Head of Service, Stockport Council

'Energised, passionate... loved the teaching style'

'Best lecture of the course, this is what I have been waiting for, thank you! Do you take students? Take me!'

'Really interesting, very passionate, good engagement and good at addressing questions.'

'Illuminating, challenging, really helpful, great use of examples from practice.'

'Opened up a new challenging way of thinking, really interesting.'

- Anonymous feedback from MA social work students at Goldsmith's College, University of London

'Excellent course, you were brilliant!'

'Very skilled trainer, very useful training. I will be putting it into effect in my practice'

'Extremely good, really skilled, great value for money course'

'Unreservedly excellent, exceeded all my expectations. Theory effortlessly linked to practice - his experience shone through. The best course I have attended in donkeys' years!'

'Brilliantly presented, immensely skilled teacher. Very enjoyable training'

'Refreshingly inspirational!'

- Anonymous feedback from social workers attending my training sessions for BASW

About Writing Analytical Assessments in Social Work:

This book is about the art and science of report writing in social work and provides an 'everything you need to know but were afraid to ask' account of how to produce concise, analytic writing in social work. The author locates effective report writing in the wider context of ethically aware, critically reflective practice which prioritises accurate recording as a means of freeing up time for what matters most: direct work with people. The book is written in an exceptionally clear and engaging style which combines a sense of authority with professional humility. It is a must for any social work student, newly qualified social worker or practitioner wishing to hone and develop their writing skills.
-JF, Head of Social Work at Goldsmith's